Short stories

Here are three of my short stories, all previously published on my old website.

The Eggs of 113 is a science fiction story set in a dystopian future reality.  Having said that, I think you may find it positive and hopeful.  It was based on a dream I had, and I think it is probably the best story I have ever written.  I would also like to record my thanks to Jim Chilcott for suggesting an alternative twist to it, which I may add in a later revision.

How I Saved the Cup Final may possibly be the only SF story ever written about a football match.  It’s also unusual for me in that I wrote it from the point of view of a male narrator; not only is he male, but he’s… well, read it for yourself.  Let’s just say he’s not very much like me!

Finally, Merry Hell is fantasy rather than SF, though it does involve some scientific concepts.  The character Squirdle originally appeared in a piece called The Bodyswappers, a serial story written in a forum to entertain fellow fans of Jasper Fforde and very loosely based in the Thursday Next universe.  Because The Bodyswappers was fan fiction, even though I had not borrowed any of Jasper’s characters, I have never published it elsewhere; however, Merry Hell, although it does stand alone, also works as a sequel to that story, and it still has a couple of Ffordean allusions, though not enough to class it as fan fiction.

It’s probably worth saying here, incidentally, that if I ever write a subsequent Squirdle story, I will tone down his ridiculous Jewish accent, which I can assure you is not intended as a slight on the Jewish people (whom I respect greatly).  Squirdle says himself in the story that all demons should have a religion, so that they know what they’re avoiding.  Naturally, he doesn’t entirely understand what having a religion is all about, so he thinks talking with an exaggerated accent makes him Jewish!  I think it’s fair to say he has a better understanding by the end of Merry Hell, so, although he will probably retain some of his accent out of habit, he won’t sound anything like so theatrical in future.


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