Ready to pounce

If you are incredibly observant – or possibly have nothing better to do 😉 – you may have noticed I’ve added a new link to the list of suppliers.  I’ve been giving a fair bit of thought to how I’m going to transfer the embroidery design to the fabric, and I eventually settled on the old-fashioned method of using pounce powder.  I have to admit I hesitated over it for a while because I thought it would be very messy, but then, as it happened, Mary Corbet chose that particular moment to publish an online tutorial on using it.  This made me realise that it shouldn’t make too much of a mess after all, because you use a thing like a powder puff rather than scattering the powder broadcast all over your pattern.  It also looked like by far the most accurate technique for transferring an all-over design like this, possibly even better than the other technique I had been seriously considering, which was to stitch along all the pattern lines through the tissue with running stitches and then pull away the tissue.  I’d have done that if I had to, but there’s also the fact that it is a lot more work.

Of course, I’d never seen pounce powder anywhere, but that was all right – some helpful commenter posted a link direct to the product on Sarah Homfray’s site.  Sarah Homfray is a freelance embroiderer who also sells various supplies, including (imitation) gold purl, which I wish I’d known about earlier, though perhaps I would have been tempted to spend rather too much on this piece if I had!  It seems she’s doing a brisk trade in these pounce powder kits; the item was sold out when I looked, so I bookmarked it and kept coming back to the page.  I finally saw it today and ordered it, and by the time I linked it here, she’d sold out again.  So if you want it, be prepared to be patient.

I’m now waiting for that to arrive.  In the meantime, I have plenty of work to keep me going; I need to trace left and right front pieces from the pattern blocks, trace the embroidery design onto those, and then – if I can find some way of doing it without wrinkling up the tissue – fixing the pieces securely to brown kraft paper to make it easier to prick the holes for the pattern through them without the danger of tearing.  We may be looking at a lot of double-sided sticky tape here, because glue is not going to do it.

Another day, another interesting technical problem!


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