The button dance

OK, how’s this?  All that educated guessing, careful resizing and frantic stitching have paid off.  Just look at this for a fit.  Very many thanks to the excellent Charles Daniels – who may now be identified – for giving me his permission to post this photo publicly.  I assure you he doesn’t normally look as worried as this, but he’s a little camera-shy. 🙂

And now I’ve got you looking at him, do go and hear him as well if you can.  He has the most amazing voice.  I particularly like listening to him sing Purcell and Bach, but he’s pretty versatile.

Technical notes for further reference:

  1. I really needn’t have worried about the armscye.  That’s a nice line, though I do say so myself.
  2. Remember the little shoulder problem?  It’s clear from the picture that the front shoulder is the right length.  He doesn’t need darts in the back shoulder, so I’ll just pull it in slightly.
  3. The real thing is not having removable buttons.  This is because the buttons on this one, having behaved themselves perfectly well up to this point, went all fangirly on being introduced to Charles and promptly removed themselves.  All over the floor.  Charles and I, plus two very bemused Belgian ladies, ended up chasing these buttons around a table leg for about thirty seconds.  It was incredibly surreal and very funny, but we don’t want it happening with the actual waistcoat. 🙂
  4. Charles observed, “I’d better not put on a single ounce.”  He was right, actually.  It really is that good a fit.  I’m tempted to allow just a little more because I know his weight fluctuates a bit, but I’m going to resist that temptation… not because he couldn’t stand to be carrying a few more pounds, because he has got room for it, but because I’m not going to alter something that fits him so well now to allow for a theoretical maximum.  However, I might just make the vent up the side a little deeper.  Just in case of, well, the odd ounce.

And isn’t it fortunate that he had to wear a black shirt for the concert?  You could hardly get a better contrast for mock-up appraisal purposes. 😀


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi there, just hopped over to this website from mixx. It is not blog post I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thank you for creating something worth reading!


    • Thank you! I apologise for not replying earlier, but for some weird reason the website thought your comment was spam. Naturally I’ve told it otherwise.


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