The mock-up completed

I finished the mock-up last night, and here it is!

The finished mock-up

I haven’t fastened up the half-belt at the back, because the buckle has sharp little teeth and I don’t want to damage the fabric prior to fitting.  Once I actually fit it on him later this week, I can work out where the buckle ought to fasten.

There are two things that are wrong with this mock-up, but they are both very minor.  One is that I miscalculated slightly and ended up with the shoulder seam on the back piece a little longer than on the front piece.  This isn’t obvious as I’ve eased it for the purposes of the mock-up, but there is a little bit of a crease on the right shoulder:

Shoulder seam, showing easing

The fitting session will show me whether I need to a) shorten the back shoulder seam, b) lengthen the front shoulder seam, or c) leave everything as it is but insert a small dart in the back.  I suspect it is not going to be c), because he is very straight-backed, but you never quite know.  Fitting is an odd business, especially when you’re doing it remotely by guesswork.

The other thing that is very slightly off is the buttons:


I really like these buttons, and I learnt a lot from deciding to make them removable… but, as you can possibly just about see from the photograph, I didn’t make the shanks quite long enough and the fabric is slightly rumpled as a result.  Next time I do this, I’ll use more thicknesses of card for my shank-making device.

The fitting happens at the end of this week.  If he’s prepared to allow photos of how it went, I will post them, but that is obviously up to him.  At the very least, I hope I can get him to agree to some photos in which he’s not identifiable.  We’ll see. 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s looking excellent! Good luck with the fitting.


  2. Thank you! 🙂


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