Gilt complex

I had originally decided to buy the fabrics for the mock-up next week, but have now arranged to have coffee in town with a friend and therefore will need to get the shopping done as fast as possible on that day.  So I’ve bought everything I need for the mock-up this morning instead, except for the waistcoat buckle, which my friendly local supplier doesn’t carry.  There is also the little matter of, and I quote, a “slider tie kit”.  This is because there is going to be quite a lot of the blue silk left over, which means that I may just as well make a bow tie to go with the waistcoat; however, it does require one of these kits, which proved to be unexpectedly hard to find.

In the end, I did manage to track down both items on this site, which is primarily a corset-making supplier but also has a number of more obscure items for general sewing.  (And I need to add it to the Links column; it’s a bit of a strange mixture, but looks like being a generally useful one.)  The waistcoat buckle is a bit larger than the pattern specifies, but that’s not a problem; I can live with widening the back belt a little for the sake of the extra secure buckle design, which will definitely be needed if anyone is going to sing in it.  I have seen what happens to clothes when an energetic singer is wearing them for the purpose of regaling an audience with Handel’s best.  They do not stay put easily… unless, of course, you are Peter Harvey, and I have never dared to ask his secret. 🙂

There is only one little wrinkle that needs to be ironed out.  Both the waistcoat buckle and the slider kit are in a silver finish.  Ideally I need gold finish, and I’m now wondering how to go about that.  I don’t mind paying to have them gilded professionally as long as the cost is in reasonable proportion to the size of the job and the gilding can be expected to stay put in normal use.  Otherwise, I’m wondering about the possibility of doing it with metallic paint; it doesn’t have to be real gold, but it does have to go with a waistcoat that has a lot of gold in the embroidery.

Any recommendations would be more than welcome!


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