Dressmaking for Haiti

We interrupt the waistcoat project here to bring you something that is even more fabulous… and for a very good cause.  Catherine Hay, who was the organiser of the trip to Bath that sparked all this off, is making a copy of one of the most spectacular dresses ever created, the Peacock Dress.  She’s seeking sponsorship to help earthquake survivors in Haiti: the more sponsorship she raises, the more of the outfit she will make.  Full details can be found here on her LiveJournal.  Please do what you can to help this excellent cause, even if it’s just to share the link – she needs as many people as possible to see it.  Thank you! 🙂

As for me, I’m most impressed that the fabrics for the waistcoat arrived today, having been ordered from Germany at the weekend.  They have been carefully stashed away in their tissue paper with all the other bits and pieces I’ve got so far.  I haven’t got any more of the embroidery pattern drawn this week because I have been mostly practising Bach – trying to fit both serious needlework and serious singing into my weekday evenings is a bit of a challenge, and at the moment it appears to be one week doing one and the next week doing the other, which I don’t think is the best arrangement.  That is something I need to rethink.  On the other hand, I am getting a lot of lucet done, because I tend to do that on the tram and in my lunch break.  By the time I can actually start on the embroidery, I’ll have plenty of cord to couch in place.

I’ve also come to a decision.  I don’t know quite how long it’s going to take for my countertenor co-conspirator to get the measurements from the chap that I would like the waistcoat to fit.  If I get them by the end of April, that’s fine – I will work to them.  If I don’t, however, I am seeing my tenor friend in May and I’m not quite sure when we will next see each other after that, and if I want to exhibit this waistcoat in May 2012 I can’t really afford to hang about.  Conveniently, there is a long weekend at the end of April because some prince or other has finally decided to get married on the Friday 😉 , and there’s a bank holiday the following Monday.  That’s four days of almost solid sewing, folks!  So if I can’t get the exact measurements by that weekend, I will make the mock-up to the best guess I have, and if necessary alter from that.  Then I can take it along to the concert in May and fit it on him, no doubt much to his astonishment. 🙂

Oh yes.  And if you haven’t yet gone to see the amazing dress that Cathy is planning to make, then it was awfully kind of you to continue reading my waffle, but there’s nothing left of this entry so you may as well pop over there now.  You know you want to!


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