Framing a solution

Last time I posted, I was musing on the subject of suitable embroidery frames.  This morning I went out to do the shopping as I usually do on a Saturday, and when I set out I fully intended to call at one of the larger shops in the centre which sells a range of DIY materials in the hope that they might have some strips of wood they could sell me.

And then I had an inspiration.

This was what I bought!

I remembered that The Works, which is a remainder bookshop and stationer’s which also sells some artists’ materials, had a selection of stretched canvases at reasonable prices.  I went in there and discovered that they were selling one canvas this size for £6.99 or this pack of four for £9.99.  Clearly, since I needed two, it made sense to buy a pack of four, but when I got to the counter the lady at the till pointed out to me that the front canvas has a slight rip (you can see it at the bottom of the picture).  I replied that this was fine.  I don’t want the canvas.  I want the nice substantial wooden frame on which it is stretched.  Nonetheless, she thought I ought to get a reduction, so she rang her manager and sold me the pack for £6.99, which meant I got four good frames for the price of one, far better made than I could manage myself, and probably cheaper.  Result. 🙂

In this photo you can also see the sample of dark purple cord I’m making on the lucet; it’s already clear that it works against the blue.  I don’t like to waste samples, so this piece will become a security cord for my new USB flash drive.  It was always going to need one anyway.  I also went to see my favourite haberdashery lady on the market and bought from her two reels of thread as you see, and two skeins of DMC gold metallic floss.  I will be couching the full thickness of the floss onto the fabric from one skein using either one or two strands from the other.  Once I have my friend’s measurements, I will be going back to her to get the wherewithal for the mock-up.

The next interesting question is this.  Do I a) remove the canvas altogether and stretch the fabric over a bare frame, or b) stitch the fabric to the canvas and then carefully cut out the canvas underneath?  I can see advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, and any comments on this subject would be invaluable, especially if they’re based on experience – many thanks!


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